June 28, 2006 - The First Trimester

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We were told that the first trimester of pregnancy is the most critical period. Around 12 midnight of July 28, 2006, exactly the third month of pregnancy, Felis woke up with lots of blood dripping down her clothes. There were even blood clots and we were totally in dismay. Felis had several history of miscarriage and we really thought that that was the last one.

We didn’t immediately go to the doctor as we were financially drained that time and we waited till sunrise to request for assistance. My elder sister Nanette came and we hurriedly went to the Hospital to see the doctor. We were told to have a Transvaginal Ultrasound test. And to our surprise, for the first time I heard a heart beat that I could felt it synchronizing with my own. Yes, it was our baby’s heart beat and she’s alive. Well, we actually didn’t know yet her gender that time.

It was the first trial that God gave us during my wife’s pregnancy. It wasn’t easy but
it’s our hearts desire to have a baby. We prayed for it and claimed that we can have one.


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