May 1, 2006 - One Month Pregnant

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Felis and I are members of the Pioneering Covenanted Parish-Based Christian Community here in the Philippines - The People of God Community. And within our Community are small groupings we called Men & Women Groupings of which we meet every week to discuss some personal matters. This is part of the Pastoral Care provided by the community. The members of our MWG then were 4 married couples under Nestor & Jessa Amora: Guy & Felisa, Alan & Hazel, Jovial & Wyeth and Rommel & Karen.

It was May 1, 2006 when our MWG spent the Holiday at Malasag Nature Park. May 1 by the way is Labors Day and Felis’ 33rd birthday. There were animals, Stairs to climb and Hanging Bridge to cross of which Felis bravely crossed to my surprise (She doesn't have this as far as I know). And there are much more tiring but exciting activity.

We winded up the day singing & drinking all night long. Felis was also being honored on that night. We headed our way back to our every home on the following day.

Out of curiosity while talking non-sense with Felis, Felis noticed that she was already a month delayed with her monthly period. So I decided to go to a nearby drugstore and buy a pregnancy test. Surprisingly, it turns out positive. It was a day of excitement and thanksgiving. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. It was being coupled with Trials making the thrill a lot more exciting and challenging.


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