Catching Up With Our Baby's Journal

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Mikaela Alexis Radaza
This blog was actually intended to journalize our baby's journey to life. But due to time constraints, I am unable to follow through the sequence. So I have decided to just randomly post whatever updates I may have with her. But I will try to catch up where I left off.

What do I have this time? Our baby since birth have been exposed so much to taking pictures. Daddy just love to document every single movement of her possible. So as she grow up, she knew what is that rectangular thing that daddy is holding pointing at her - daddy's cheap digital camera :P. And whenever she felt she looks beautiful, especially when she's wearing a gown, she's the one initiating to have her picture taken.

The pictures are those she wore during two Sundays before we leave to hear mass. Here's another one:
Mikaela Alexis Radaza


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