Halloween Costume Contest - Alex The Preggy Panther

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Alex with the Avatars

Alex is a party lover. She loves to go places where there are a lot of kids to play with. But most of all she loves to join contests where she can dress up and be the best that she can. October 31, 2010 was an early Halloween Treat for the kids by the SM Department store. There was the traditional Trick or Treat and most of all, the Halloween Costume contest. Alex entered as the Preggy Panther for the Most Funniest category. She actually didn't make it to win the contest but the fun and excitement she experience was more than enough that she hope for.

With Mommy

With Cuz Boknoy and Cuz Ariana

With Mommy and Daddy

With Ate Geia

On the stage with other contestants for the Most Funniest Category

Alex The Preggy Panther

With Cuz Ariana


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