Jollibee's Negative Kidz Rating

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I would say most kids if not all, loved Jollibee Mascot. Count Alex in. She also have a singing Jollibee toy in her collections. 

Alex already been through a lot of Jollibee hosted birthday parties. But this time, it was very disappointing to hear from a fan telling her sad experiences during the party. "Dy (short for daddy), Jollibee was smelling bad. No lotion, no powder, no cologne." Says my daughter Alex as he relates to us her experiences with the last birthday party hosted by Jollibee. Kids never lie. I was referring to the branch at the Lim Ket Kai, Cagayan de Oro. No offense to them (Jollibee Company) in general but they should at least maintain hygiene to their mascots. Most especially the all time favorite - Jollibee. I don't know if it was only Alex who noticed that but that being said, it somehow disappointed her. 

Alex did enjoyed the party but spoiled by a bad-smelling-Jollibee. To you Jollibee, Carabaos find time to take a bath in the mud after the whole day's work and why can't you. You have lots of fans. You don't want to lose them, right? Well take a bath. 

Here are some of the pics though.


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