Alex's First Solo Ballet Performance At Her Best

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So you think she can dance?  The questions that doubted our fear but overcome by confidence and trust. Alex may not be the best ballet dancer but we, her parents knew she can do it. It was an audition for the talent showdown contest sponsored by SM CDO Mall - SM Little Star 2011. Alex, who once participated in a ballet workshop, eagerly wanted to join. Their group had a recital last December but this time, it's the first solo performance of her life. Given her with basic skills in ballet, we hired a friend to further enhance her crafts in ballet dancing. She had a series of practices and a bit worried if she can do it all by herself on stage.

And the day has come. It was July 16, 2011 and Alex has to undergo another ladder of being a grown up kid. The first solo performance of her life. Alex was bundled with confidence that the crowd doesn't bother her much. She was all set to show her skills. No worries on her side. On the side note, we her parents, who had never experience such achievements in life (seriously) were trembled with fear. We need somebody to calm us down. Funny.

With Alex on stage as the first performer of the girls category, daddy has to hold on to his fear and to his trembling hands holding the video camera. Mommy was also on the same situation taking care of the photo op. And guess what? Alex did follow daddy's final words not to Yawn and Scratch her back as she used to during practices. She faced the audience with confidence and did stretch her arms and legs completing daddy's tip of the day. Just when daddy knew how to dance anyway? And oh, we forgot to removed her eyeglass. We were not that nervous.

Pre-competition photos:

The dance was completed and we heard some not-so-loud applause from the audience. But believe me, it was the best performance of her life so far. We hugged and kissed her off stage. Alex was at her best.

On-stage photos:

 And by the way, Alex did mentioned Michael as her idol during the short interview. Michael was Alex's patient trainer. Thanks so much Michael.

Check her video:

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Alex as Second Honor Awardee - SY 2010-2011

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This post maybe a bit delayed but being a stage father as I am, I'm proud to proclaim our child's achievements even when delayed. Last article, I mentioned about Alex's Special Award during their Special Awarding Day. Just when we thought that was it, we were surprised to know that Alex is one of the Awardee on the Recognition day. Of course, we never expected her to be the first honor not even second. And guess what? She made it as second honor. This is her greatest academic achievement so far.

Alex receiving her medal from Liceo U President Dr. Mariano Llerin.

But the excitement almost got spoiled when Alex accidentally lost her medal after lots of picture takings. The medal somehow slipped through its ribbon tie. I had to look around and even scrambled a pile of Trash - yes you heard me right. Until I came to a point thinking where to buy this medal stuff. Loser! Fortunately, my wife Felis tried to ask around and she found out that a utility personnel found a medal and gave it one of the Pre-School teachers. It was absolutely Alex's medal.

The awarding was not only fun but adventurous too. We look forward for more medals to come. Hopefully no more adventures this time.

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Alex's Special Award - The Fruit Of Our Love and Labor

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Going to school is what Alex love the most. She love going to school so much that we can even threaten her to stop going to school if she will not behave when time comes she gets naughty. Well, not to mention that we can't help but raise our voices to get her attention to study. She's just a kid though and developing a study habit for our kids is a challenge for us parents. It's a must or regret it that you never did.

We don't have high expectations with our daughter. We just wanted her to live LIFE to the fullest but of course with proper guidance and discipline. March 21, 2011 is their school's recognition. Going up to the stage to receive her award as Most Courteous is more than enough to make daddy and mommy proud. Seeing Alex happy, healthy and lively is the ultimate award that we get that no other medals or ribbons can match.

Congratulations Alex!


Also watch her received the award:

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Valentine's Day Treat - Alex's Big Day

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Nothing beats the day if you'll have it spent with the Family on a Vacation. It was actually a pre-Valentine treat for the Family. And also, a price for Alex for a job well done in school. Well, not to mention that voices are raised and Blood Pressures went at its peak dealing with Alex in studying her lessons. But it's worth it.

Alex love waters like never before. So having it spent on a beach or a pool should make her day. We had the vacation just on a nearby not-so-famous resort in our town. Could have been better if the resort got some crabs. Alex's all-time favorite. We had a hard time pacifying her knowing she can't have some crabs. And worst, the pool is only allowed until 6PM.

So to make up with her, she had whole day SPLASH at the pool the following day. It was an awesome experience. The pictures will tell it so.

Next time, we'll make sure that we have crabs to grab.
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