Valentine's Day Treat - Alex's Big Day

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Nothing beats the day if you'll have it spent with the Family on a Vacation. It was actually a pre-Valentine treat for the Family. And also, a price for Alex for a job well done in school. Well, not to mention that voices are raised and Blood Pressures went at its peak dealing with Alex in studying her lessons. But it's worth it.

Alex love waters like never before. So having it spent on a beach or a pool should make her day. We had the vacation just on a nearby not-so-famous resort in our town. Could have been better if the resort got some crabs. Alex's all-time favorite. We had a hard time pacifying her knowing she can't have some crabs. And worst, the pool is only allowed until 6PM.

So to make up with her, she had whole day SPLASH at the pool the following day. It was an awesome experience. The pictures will tell it so.

Next time, we'll make sure that we have crabs to grab.
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