Alex's Special Award - The Fruit Of Our Love and Labor

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Going to school is what Alex love the most. She love going to school so much that we can even threaten her to stop going to school if she will not behave when time comes she gets naughty. Well, not to mention that we can't help but raise our voices to get her attention to study. She's just a kid though and developing a study habit for our kids is a challenge for us parents. It's a must or regret it that you never did.

We don't have high expectations with our daughter. We just wanted her to live LIFE to the fullest but of course with proper guidance and discipline. March 21, 2011 is their school's recognition. Going up to the stage to receive her award as Most Courteous is more than enough to make daddy and mommy proud. Seeing Alex happy, healthy and lively is the ultimate award that we get that no other medals or ribbons can match.

Congratulations Alex!


Also watch her received the award:


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