Alex as Second Honor Awardee - SY 2010-2011

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This post maybe a bit delayed but being a stage father as I am, I'm proud to proclaim our child's achievements even when delayed. Last article, I mentioned about Alex's Special Award during their Special Awarding Day. Just when we thought that was it, we were surprised to know that Alex is one of the Awardee on the Recognition day. Of course, we never expected her to be the first honor not even second. And guess what? She made it as second honor. This is her greatest academic achievement so far.

Alex receiving her medal from Liceo U President Dr. Mariano Llerin.

But the excitement almost got spoiled when Alex accidentally lost her medal after lots of picture takings. The medal somehow slipped through its ribbon tie. I had to look around and even scrambled a pile of Trash - yes you heard me right. Until I came to a point thinking where to buy this medal stuff. Loser! Fortunately, my wife Felis tried to ask around and she found out that a utility personnel found a medal and gave it one of the Pre-School teachers. It was absolutely Alex's medal.

The awarding was not only fun but adventurous too. We look forward for more medals to come. Hopefully no more adventures this time.


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