Easter Sunday 2014: "Hugos on Sugat"

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For the past Easter years, Alex was just among the soloist angels for what we called "Sugat". During this event kids dressed in angel are positioned in a way they can honor Mama Mary by throwing in flower petals. The throwing of petals happens after removing the black veil (which symbolizes grief) which is being replaced by a white veil (which symbolizes joy).

This year, we tried to take that slot for Alex to do the honor of removing and replacing and the veils. But never came into mind that the Parish Council decided to do the "Hugos". During the replacing of veils, the selected angel will be suspended instead of just standing on a platform. This is an old tradition which is being restored.

Check the video below.

Also check the captured photos on Alex's FB Page

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Good Friday 2014: Our Lady of Guadalupe Pilgrimage

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Every year we usually spent our stations of the cross somewhere near. But we dared something unique and daring this time. Not only we have to walk at least four kilometer distance but we also have to brave the strong river currents to reach the last stations. On record, we did 9 river crossings. It was very fulfilling for the family to achieve such feat just to offer our prayers for this season of lent.

Check the photos below on Alex's FB Page. Also please Like her page if you haven't done so.

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone.
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